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Buttock Injections Surgery.

Buttock injection: With buttocks injections you will increase the volume of your buttocks permanently. The buttocks injections have more durability in the buttocks than in other area of the body.
Your buttocks will not only look better due to the volume augmentation, but also because of the balance you will get on neighbor areas that will be reduced with the collection of fat tissue to transfer.
How do you know if you are a candidate for butt augmentation through fat transfer
Usually, if a patient is overweight or wears an eight to twelve dress size, she is probably best suited for fat transfer. Thin patients who wear size two to four dresses are usually not good candidates for fat transfer because they do not have any fat to spare.
The popularity of buttock enhancements has increased dramatically in the United States and Europe but in South America having a beautiful, rounded and firmly shaped “J Lo“ buttocks has always been and probably always will be considered the most attractive and desirable attribute of a woman.
Buttocks Injections:
In buttock injection, the cosmetic surgeon uses liposuction to remove fat cells from a donor site (often the thighs, abdomen, back, or hips) and injects those cells into the buttocks.
Because the procedure involves simply moving fat from another area of the patient's body, it provides the additional body sculpting effect of reducing the fat in areas where it's unwanted.
The procedure usually takes about one and a half to two hours, and is performed under general anesthesia.
Because the donor cells come from the patient's own body, buttock injection carries no risk of the body rejecting the implanted cells.
The healing process for buttock injection is less severe than with implants, with the patient being able to return to work within a couple of days and begin resuming full activity within two weeks.
Buttock injection is a less invasive procedure, preferred by most patients who wish to resculpt their physique to enhance it but still with have natural-looking proportions.
The type of procedure you choose for buttock augmentation will depend on your individual needs and each procedure's limitations.
Buttocks Injections benefits:
A more natural appearance, as the newly sculpted buttocks use fat from the patient's own body.
Smaller incision area, resulting in less scarring. - Shorter healing time. - No chance of rejection.
Procedure includes additional body sculpting due to liposuction from areas with excessive fat stores.
While buttock injection offers a lower risk and results in more consistently and natural looking body, it is not an option for patients who do not have sufficient fat deposits elsewhere on their bodies to be injected into the buttocks.
What does buttock augmentation surgery consist on
By means of a cannula thinner than the ones used for conventional liposculpture, the surgeon removes the fat from certain areas of the body, such as the lower back, abdomen, waist and hips. He then purifies the fat collected and injects it on the buttocks drop by drop, very close to blood vessels to be sure that the injected fat will have adequate blood supply. 
Submuscular: If you need to enhance the upper part of the buttocks and the lower part has a good volume (this is what most frequently happens), the implants will be located beneath the buttock muscle (gluteus maximus), approximately where jeans pockets would be.
Subfascial: If you need to enhance the lower part of the buttocks and the upper part has a good volume, the implants will be located between the buttock muscle and its fascia (fascia or aponeurosis is the tissue that covers the muscle).
Hospitalization: No hospitalization is needed, both procedures are done on an outpatient basis. You will be able to leave 4 or 6 hours after the surgery.
Anesthesia: Anesthesia may be local, epidural, or general, it will depend on what you and your surgeon decide is best for you.
Length of the surgery: The surgery takes about 2 hours, both for buttocks augmentation with silicone implants and with microfat grafting.
What does butt augmentation with fat grafting do
It permanently increases the volume of the buttocks. Fat injections last longer on the buttocks than in any other area of the body, since adipose cells have a tendency to accumulate on the buttocks.
It models your body. The buttocks will be enhanced not only because of the increase in volume, but also because they will be more balanced with the nearby areas from which the fat that will be injected on the buttocks will be removed.
What does butt augmentation with cohesive silicone gel implants do
It permanently increases the volume of the buttocks. If your body does not accumulate fat or you keep in shape with exercise and a healthy lifestyle, the only way of increasing the size of your buttocks will be to resort to silicone implants, since there will not be enough fat in other areas of your body to transfer to the buttocks.
It improves the outline of the buttocks. The effect is enhanced when combined with liposuction of nearby areas such as thighs and waist.
It balances the bodies of body builders whose buttocks cannot be developed as much as the muscles of the rest of their bodies.

Breast Augmentation Surgery.

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure used to enhance the size of women's breasts. There are many reasons and some of them may be: not feeling satisfied with their size or wanting to restore them after losing volume due to a previous surgery or breast-feeding. Do you want to look sexier? Do you wish to restore harmony to your body? We can provide you a low cost breast augmentation.

What does breast augmentation do
-         It enhances the size of a woman's breasts.
-         Breast implants allows a woman to balance the size of her breasts when one is smaller than the other. Most women have one breast bigger than the other. This difference can be compensated by using two implants of different sizes.
-         Breast implants fills those breasts that appear to be 'empty', that is, with a lot of skin but little consistency, that some women have as a result of pregnancies or due to the aging process. If this is your case, you can have a breast lift done together with the breast implantation.

How is breast implants surgery performed
Among the possible incisions, three are the most frequent; all of them are approximately 1.5 inches (4 cm ) long:
-         A semicircle under the lower outline of the areole (dark area around the nipples)
-         On the armpit.
-         At the fold where the breast meets the chest. This incision is the one that allows an easier and faster insertion of the implant but, because it leaves more visible scars, our surgeons do not resort to it except in very particular cases; for example, when there already is a scar from a prior implant that must be replaced.
The surgeon will determine which one of the three incisions is better for you, according to your body and the kind of implant chosen. Working with special instruments through the incision, he creates a pocket in each breast to hold the implants. He then places the implants in each one of the pockets, using the nipples as reference. Finally, he inserts the drainage tubes and closes the incisions with sutures.
It is important to mention that the implants are always placed behind the mammary gland, but there are two possible locations: 
Behind the pectoral muscle: this procedure is more complicated and the recovery is more painful, but the muscles prevent the implant's outline to be seen under the skin, giving the breast a more natural look. Placed here, the implants will interfere less in future mammograms.
In front of the pectoral muscle: this location is advisable for women who do intense physical exercises with their arms.
Hospitalization: If the surgery is performed with local anesthesia, no hospitalization is required. If general anesthesia was used, you will have to be hospitalized for one night.
Anesthesia: Between 30 to 120 minutes, according to the complexity of the case
Length of breast implants surgery: Between 2 and 4 hours, according to the complexity of the case.
Advantages of cohesive silicone gel implants
Cohesive means that it tends to remain whole. This means that, even if the shell were to rupture, its content would not spill out. It would remain whole without any divisions.
They do not lose their volume as time goes by.
They do not make 'liquid' sounds during physical activities.
They have a very natural consistency when touched. In the past, its content used to leak through the micropores of the shell and caused capsular contractures. Nowadays, these leakages have been almost completely reduced thanks to the cohesive properties of the content and to the new shells made of several superimposed layers.
In most European countries, in Asia and America the use of these implants for cosmetic purposes is allowed, but not in the United States, where they may be used, however, for reconstructive purposes.
Advantages of saline breast implants
If they rupture, the content of these implants is assimilated by the body and eliminated in a completely natural way. They lose their volume in a matter of hours and, since this change in volume can be seen immediately, they can be replaced as soon as you notice it.
If the liquid inside leaks out, it will not produce capsular contracture, the content is metabolized and eliminated naturally by the body. Nowadays, these leakages have been almost completely reduced thanks to the new shells made of several superimposed layers. Smooth or textured?
What does breast augmentation not do
It does not correct asymmetries in the location of the areolas or nipples. It does not lift hanging breasts. If this is your case, we recommend that you read the information on breast lift that we provide. Even though it will make your body look more beautiful and harmonious, and will probably also improve your self-esteem, it will not be enough to make you look perfect. We must be realistic and accept that that kind of perfection does not exist.